Herman J. Hack

from Germany

Winner Sticker Awards 2012


Your name (or synonym) / your crew: Hermann Josef Hack
Your Age: 56


Where are you from, what is your age and what are you doing in real life?

I am from Siegburg near Cologne, Germany, but my studio is the world

Why have you decided to do stickers, when it‘s possible to do grafitti or paint on canvas, too?

Stickers are the best media to occupy public spaces, also private areas, can be spread without any risk and will reach many people this way. I just like to leave a trace in the anonymous space.

Which medium (material and tools) do you prefer?

I do all my paintings on tarpaulin, the material tents are made of. As my work is about the social impacts of climate change, I upcycle waste material that has to do with the content of my work. I also produce miniature refugee tents which I pitch in public space like in front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin - view photo attached.

Is it easy for you to work in public space or do you have to fear police or political persecution?

Sometimes I do my interventions without permission like in the Frankfurt/Main airport where I placed a climate refugee camp of 200 tents with the help of 20 activists until the police forced us to leave the airport. Sometimes I have to ask for a permission, which is not ease to get because officials do not like political art.

How present is street art in your town nowadays? Who are the people who are interested in it?

Meanwhile street art is rather present in all areas of the city or along the railway tracks. That's why I try other ways like fixing bread to lamp poles or doing installations like the refugee camps.

How would you categorize the work you are creating: is it art, passion, hobby, graphical discussion, mission, pure fun or something very else?

It is art with passion, powered by a mission, sometimes it makes fun, I think you can reach people better with humor.

What is the intention of your work?


Why did you join the sticker awards? Did you know you are a winner? Does it mean something for you?

The sticker award is well known and an important competition for artists world wide. I had no idea that I was one of the winners. But it makes me proud to be elected. It means a lot to me, because there are many competitors with good stuff and it is good even to get awareness.
I like the competition because it is a chance to reach many creative people and exchange ideas from all around the world.

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