from France

3rd place Sticker Awards 2012

Your name (or synonym) / your crew: Gabri Le Cabri (GLC) / crews: S/75 and ALT
Your Age: 40
Your Country: France


Where are you from, what is your age and what are you doing in real life?

I live in Paris since I was born. I am 40. I live with my man Flytox. I have 2 children. I work as a translator. I do stickers, stencils, collages and photographs. I dance the tango. I surf on the Internet. But I also do other things...

Why have you decided to do stickers, when it‘s possible to do grafitti or paint on canvas, too?

I have decided to do stickers to be able to go out and stick with my man and other sticker-friends. I find it complementary to other forms of expression, not exclusive.

Which medium (material and tools) do you prefer?

I use office sticker paper, Sharpie pens and a pair a scissors for my stickers. After I have scanned the original drawing, I print out b&w copies on my laser printer then color them by hand. Depending on the designs, this allows to make unique stickers without having to start from scratch.

Is it easy for you to work in public space or do you have to fear police or political persecution?

Yes, it is easy.

How present is street art in your town nowadays? Who are the people who are interested in it?

Joker !

How would you categorize the work you are creating: is it art, passion, hobby, graphical discussion, mission, pure fun or something very else?

It is a bit of all that, plus I would add a political/social dimension.

What is the intention of your work?

Exchange, dialogue, surprise, protest, pleasure, reflexion, concept, series.

Why did you join the sticker awards? Did you know you are a winner? Does it mean something for you?

I find it a good initiative to "unite" people from all around the world and to share the work of others. I did not know I was a winner (do you mean there are insiders who know in advance ?) ;) I find it very encouraging and it tells me my stickers can be understood by different people.

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