from Germany

Winner User Award 2012


Your name (or synonym) / your crew: Fluctibus
Your Age: 35
Your Country: Germany


Where are you from, what is your age and what are you doing in real life?

My hometown is Munich in Germany, I've been born here 35 years ago. After spending some time in Croydon in the UK I returned here in 1998 and made a diploma in grafic-design. I mostly work freelancing as lay-outer for magazines nowadays. Besides I try to do my own stuff as much as I can.

Why have you decided to do stickers, when it‘s possible to do grafitti or paint on canvas, too?

I did some graffiti when I was very young, but soon I rather did stick to paint on paper and canvas. I started doing stickers when I found the offer for a 3D-dooming-sticker; maybe some people remember them from their childhood. I always was crazy about stickers, so it was just a matter of time and money creating one myself. As motive for my first one I choose this little bacteria or germ, because I thought it's gonna be the perfect message: Germs are everywhere around us, why not spread some more. At first I printed a 1000 pieces and handed them to friends, when they went on holidays, to send me pictures of them, and to my surprise they loved it! So I set up a blog to show all these bacterialised places in the web and made a google-map. I had to reprint very soon. So now there must be about a 5000 bacterias out there. Apart from that I have produced some other stickers past the last years, but mostly just a few hundred pieces each.

Which medium (material and tools) do you prefer?

Today my most favorite material is acrylic-colors on canvas. I love oil-colors too, but they just take to long to dry. My pictures sometimes are made of a few levels of old stupid-papers, hidden under layers of paint and with comic-figures on top. And waiting for something to be dried out is not my thing; I`m too nervous. Besides that I love doing Photography, writing experimental stuff or just drawing comic-figures.

Is it easy for you to work in public space or do you have to fear police or political persecution?

Working in public was never a fulfilling situation for me, except placing a sticker. Im too slow, too scared and … too domestic I'm sorry to say. But I have maximum respect for everyone working on munich streets. The cop-rate in our city is just damn high. And the charges for "vandalism" should not be underestimated, but I think the law doesn't give a damn about what you produce, they just wanna make you pay. But I might be wrong about that.

How present is street art in your town nowadays? Who are the people who are interested in it?

There is still a lot of street-art, like stencils, graffiti and of course stickers. I only miss big murals sometimes, but maybe I am just not visiting the right places. So Munich is still a pulsating place for street-art in my eyes, even if the wave of gentrification is threatening this environment. And a lot of people are very interested in these things. For example: Galeria Autonomica organized some very nice events in the past, showing the works of Munich street-artists in abandoned flats or offices. These on-off-locations only took place for one or two days in total and have been overrun by culture-consuming fun-loving youngsters and other funky people. I think the great success was due to their absolute uncommercial intent and the variety of works they presented there and the nice party they gave at all.

How would you categorize the work you are creating: is it art, passion, hobby, graphical discussion, mission, pure fun or something very else?

Difficult to say. The words from your question which mark it most are: Pure fun, passion and something very else. because it's not always fun. The nice thing about art is, even if you don't feel too damn well, you can still create something, and in 99% of all cases, you will feel better after that. If it is a mission, than it's some kind of a self-therapy.

What is the intention of your work?

With my stickers I just wanted to send bacterias into the world. It was never a commercial intent, just a thing for fun and an experiment. I remember the day when Hatch took them into his very special sticker-museum in Berlin. That day I thought: Wow; cool. Germs go to museum! Thanks to that! About the intention in my new pictures: It all has to do with the stupidity of mainstream-media and the total circus we all live in today. Hysteria and the frustration going with it. I don't want to tell to much about it, because the project is not finished and I am still working on some pictures right now.

Why did you join the sticker awards? Did you know you are a winner? Does it mean something for you?

No. I didn't now that I am a winner till today, and, yes, of course it means a lot to me! Like I said, I love stickers! And the sticker awards I already knew from last year. It was a must-do for me to participate!

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